Client Name: Bader Eldeen Petroleum Company

Work Description: El Sewedy Automation provided its solution and services for BAPETCO (Project Name; Aseal and Karam Project “PLC, Triconex , DCS and ModBus Communication”)...

  • Connecting, MA injection for Loop checking, Calibration and Justify and scaling values in PLC. Transmitter type EH Pressure, Level and Flow.
  • Test All Analog Signals and scaling.
  • Install redundant Modbus communication media through Prosoft module.
  • Establish communication between Foxboro DCS and PLC – Modbus.
  • Loop Check for all control Valves.
  • Create a new application on PVP HMI to collect data from AB PLC (Ethernet) and Triconex PLC (Modbus).
  • Commissioning and Startup.