Client Name: Middle and West Delta Flour Mills

Work Description: El Sewedy Automation developed a large project for Middle and West Delta Flour Mills, the project consists of programming PLC01 (Intake) & PLC02 (Cleaning) and developing a new SCADA system including commissioning and start up for intake and wheat cleaning processes...

PLC01 (Intake) & PLC02 (Cleaning)

  • PLC - Program Development:
  • Collect all input and output definitions.
  • Mapping PLC tags according to physical tags.
  • Test all physical input and output signals.
  • Write PLC program according to intake working philosophy.
  • Functional test for philosophy.

PLC - SCADA System

  • Building all necessary SCADA displays to monitor all system functions and devices.
  • Building all alarms display to diagnose all malfunctions and tripped devices.
  • Building all trends display to monitor all required signals.
  • Testing the overall performance pf PLC control system along with SCADA.
  • Commissioning and start up.