Client Name: Maaden Bauxite - Saudi Arabia

Work Description: El Sewedy Automation delivered its solution and services in Saudi Arabia through Rockwell Automation outsourcing in upgrading scheme...

  • Termination, MA injection for Loop checking (Transmitter side), Calibration and Justify values in PLC. Transmitter type EH Pressure, Level and Flow.
  • Loop Check and Function Test and Operation Philosophy.
  • All Pumps are tested in Local and Remote and Running.
  • VSD is Configured and Tested in Local and Remote and Running Modes.
  • All Pumps Operation is Tested and Running Perfectly.
  • All MOV’s (Control Valves) are tested in Local and Remote and Running.
  • Read Common Alarm and Communication Fault for All UPS and BC.
  • Read and Implement Logic to Calculate the Active, Reactive and Apparent Power for Relays.
  • Configure the Prosoft Modules to Fully Communicate to UPS and Relays and Battery Charger and UOMC to a Honeywell DCS.